Grandkids On-Demand

We all grow old differently. Our ESL students speak of their family traditions as parents grow older and some truly sound wonderful! One thing we agree on at Hancock International College is that most of us don’t want to be lonely in our old age. One company has helped American Grandparents with the issue of loneliness and it truly sounds like another American innovation worthwhile. says, “For some seniors who may not have as many family members or friends to keep them company in their golden years, this app offers them ‘grandkids-on-demand’. Join Papa is an online service that pairs older people with college students who are paid to spend time with the seniors and help them with their errands. While many youngsters might be happy to spend time with their elders for free, the app offers them a means of generating income while still working flexible hours around their academic schedule.

Each college student – most of whom are studying nursing or social work – is carefully vetted and trained so they can provide the best care for their senior counterpart. More importantly, the young ‘Papa Pals’ are given personality tests to determine whether they have the right sense of compassion and disposition to serve lonely seniors.

‘We have found that Papa Pals who join our platform and go through our rigorous onboarding process are more productive and engaged,’ said Andrew Parker, founder and CEO of Papa. ‘They have the power to choose their own hours and we have created an environment that lets our Papa Pals be independent.’ Currently, there are over 300 young ‘Papa Pals’ who are caring for seniors through the service. Some of them help their older counterparts do their grocery shopping or clean their homes; others are simply called to spend time with seniors who may be feeling lonely. Since launching in 2017, the Miami-based startup now offers their services throughout the state of Florida – and they plan on expanding their operation to 8 more states during the coming year.”

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Example: My payments were grandfathered in years ago.