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National Babe Ruth Day

Nothing says America like Baseball! And we here at Hancock International College know that nothing says Baseball like Babe Ruth! Many of our ESL students are active and love to play sports. Babe Ruth is a legend that is unparalleled and today is a special day where fans of his accomplishments honor him in various ways. I’d like to share…

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We take many things for granted here in America because so many generations have grown up free from birth. For instance, we are used to being able to talk to our family almost any time anywhere by using a telephone. Of course now cell phones are even more prevalent but first came power, then came telephones and then came cell…

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Autism Awareness

American culture isn’t just about entertainment or historical traditions. America also prides its culture on innovation! Many ESL students come to Hancock International College to be in the great city of Irvine and cultivate their ability to contribute positively to society. In America there is a great need for great minds in one part of our culture; families affected by…

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