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Iwo Jima Day

Hancock International College looks back today in world history at a sad day in our past for our ESL students and all Americans. Iwo Jima Day is a day infamous in time and one that should never be forgotten. says, “Iwo Jima Day marks the anniversary of the date in February 1945 when the Battle of Iwo Jima began,…

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Grandkids On-Demand

We all grow old differently. Our ESL students speak of their family traditions as parents grow older and some truly sound wonderful! One thing we agree on at Hancock International College is that most of us don’t want to be lonely in our old age. One company has helped American Grandparents with the issue of loneliness and it truly sounds…

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Happy Yoga

Many of our ESL students and Hancock International College staff do Yoga and love it! Americans have been increasing their interest in Yoga and it is now commonplace since its exponential rise in American culture since the 70’s. So what’s the buzz about? Let’s find out why Yoga makes people so happy! says, “Stress has become a way of…

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