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The reason Hancock International College can have our website, post this blog, send an email and do anything else over the internet is really because we have ESL students who need our school! But really the reason is that computers can essentially talk to each other over the internet. There is a rich history about how the internet came to be but the Internet Protocol Suite would be the means through which such communication was standardized in the first place. says, “Internet Protocol suite (IP suite) is the standard network model and communication protocol stack used on the Internet and on most other computer networks. While other networking models exist, the IP suite is overwhelmingly the global standard for computer-to-computer communication.

The IP suite follows a client/server model, in which multiple client programs share the services of a common server program. Protocols in the suite define end-to-end data handling methods for everything from packetizing, addressing and routing to receiving. Broken down into layers the IPS includes the link layer, the internet layer, the transport layer, application layer and the physical layer. Each layer contains a number of protocols for communications. The suite is sometimes just called TCP/IP, because those are the predominant protocols in the model and were the first ones used. However, the IP suite involves many other protocols.”

According to, “In the 1980s, ARPANET was superseded by NSFNET, a series of networks created by the National Science Foundation, which established the present-day structure of the Internet. The physical structure of the Internet resembles and is integrated with the telephone system. Long-distance data transport services are provided by large telecommunication companies, called network service providers (NSPs), through high-capacity, high-speed national and international fiber optic cables. These transport services are accessed through Internet service providers, ISPs. ISPs, the equivalent of regional Bell operating companies, provide the physical link to the NSPs for individuals and organizations. Telecommunications on the Internet are standardized by a set of communications protocols, the TCP/IP protocol suite, that describe routing of messages over the Internet, computer naming conventions, and commonly used Internet services such as e-mail.”

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Talk (Going) Over Someone’s Head

Meaning: Talking as if someone is not present, often saying things people do not understand.

Example: The nurses were brilliant at explaining everything. However, the doctors talked over my head and rarely involved me in decisions.