Welcome to the USA – Part 11

A survey of the Hancock International College staff and faculty returned some interesting results that might surprise our ESL students. It seemed everyone’s American parents or grandparents had words of wisdom that revolved around three major subjects: Safety, Time and Cleanliness. Americans are in some ways different than other countries because of their values in this regard. Let’s look at how this is true.

According to harrisburg.psu.edu,

Standards of Safety

  • Americans value safety!

  • Bike helmets are worn.

  • Seat belts are necessary.

Time Management

  • Time is an American value. There is an expression that says, ‘Time is money’. Americans ‘save’ time and ‘spend’ time like money in a bank.

  • The work/class week in America runs Monday-Friday. Saturdays and Sundays are both set apart as the ‘weekend’.

  • It is important to show up to class, meetings, and social gatherings on time.

Trash, Littering, and Recycling

In general, littering is greatly frowned upon. It is viewed as being dirty, lazy, irresponsible, and un-cultured. Although the penalties vary greatly, every state has a littering law. The idea of recycling has become very popular among Americans in a collective effort to take care of the environment.

Not all Americans recycle, but local governments and organizations have made it an easy responsibility by providing recycling bins to homes, institutions, and public places. Paper, soda cans, plastic, glass and more can all be recycled! Quality products made from recycled materials are available for purchase.”

Full Article: http://harrisburg.psu.edu/international-student-support-services/guide-american-culture-etiquette

Idiom of the Day

Gold Standard

Meaning: By extension, a well-established and widely accepted model or paradigm of excellence by which similar things are judged or measured.

Example: Her research methodology in the late 1960s has since become the gold standard for drug trials today.