It’s a Small…Virtual World… For Now!

The goal of technological advancement in general is usually to enhance or augment our everyday lives. Among the slew of advancements one has been greatly anticipated and is user friendly virtual reality.

Finally with all the major tech companies like Google, Samsung and Microsoft pouring money into making virtual reality… a reality, they are making real progress in the last few years.

I remember years ago Nintendo tried their hand at VR with Virtual Boy. It was only able to display two colors and very awkward to use. It had a short stand that only worked on the floor or a table

One incredible user friendly way to enjoy virtual reality is with the Gear VR by Samsung powered by Oculus. It works in tandem with your cell phone so it’s affordable and able to be explored by the masses. Another great feature is the ability to work in conjunction with 360 Degree cameras. That means being able to virtually explore environments, homes, classrooms and even interactive media with the turn of your head rather than a controller or some sort.

My favorite part was being able to explore historical landmarks, and I realized the ESL Students at Hancock International College would love to explore future travel destinations or even get a more immersive taste of home while they are away studying English. This will truly blur the lines between reality and fantasy as well as our continents. The internet made communication across borders so much easier. Virtual Reality is the next step in an exciting new direction!

There are even more advanced pieces of Virtual Reality hardware I have yet to explore but I know I’m excited to see where it goes.

Idiom of the Day

Bridge the Gap

1. Lit. to make a bridge that reaches across a space. The engineers decided to bridge the gap with a wooden structure.

2. Fig. to do or create something that will serve temporarily. We can bridge the gap with a few temporary employees. To make a connection where there is a great difference He promises to change the tax laws to bridge the gap between the rich and poor.