American Food

There is always a point in class where our international students will ask, “What is American food?” Especially since Hancock International College is here the in the melting pot of Orange County where you can find almost any kind of food, our ESL students will wonder what food is actually American. To be honest, it is a difficult question even as an American to answer because so many of us immigrated and brought the food from wherever we came from. So my first thought is of course corn… and then turkey. Those were here before Europeans showed up. But what else? One of our instructors explained the other day that root beer, a popular soft drink flavor similar to Coke, is made from a plant that one exists in North America. So that begs the question, what else is American?

Dana Joseph from CNN travel lists: key lime pie, tater tots, San Francisco sourdough bread, cobb salad, pot roast, twinkies, jerky, fajitas, banana split, cornbread, GORP, jambalaya, biscuits and gravy, Smithfield ham, chicken fried steak, wild Alaskan salmon, California roll, meatloaf, grits, macaroni and cheese, Maryland crabcakes, potato chips, cioppino, fortune cookies, peanut butter sandwich, baked beans, popcorn, fried chicken and waffles, New England clam chowder, New Mexican flat enchiladas, S’mores, lobster rolls, Buffalo wings, Indian frybread, barbecue ribs, BLT (Bacon Lettuce Tomato sandwich), apple pie, Frito pie, po’ boy (sandwich), green chile stew, chocolate-chip cookies, blueberry cobbler, Delmonico’s steak, Chicago-style pizza, nachos, Philly cheese steak, hot dogs, reuben sandwich, cheeseburger, and “Thanksgiving dinner”.

Be sure to check out the link below to learn more about each of these food items and see what is included in Thanksgiving dinner. If you ever have the chance try a few. Certainly some you may not have the taste for—our students usually detest root beer and the expression of someone trying a PB&J sandwich (peanut butter and jelly like you probably hear about on American TV) for the first time is often priceless, but of course you will find something that you can’t wait to make for your family and friends back home.

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 Idiom of the Day

eat like a pig

Meaning: To eat large quantities of food and/or to eat sloppily.

Example: Wow! Joe eats like a pig. I’m surprised he stopped eating to take a breath!