Flag Apparel

Flags represent many different parts of their respective. The American flag is not only symbolic for Americans but it also represents hope and freedom to people the world over. Many people show respect these days by wearing representations of the flag on their clothes but I came to wonder, as Independence Day is near, whether wearing the flag is wrong or right and this is what I found.

Romper.com says, “The Fourth of July is just around the corner…which means it is time for everyone’s favorite (and perhaps only) July holiday. From the massive firework displays to the barbecues to even the red, white, and blue-themed clothing people like to don on the holiday, there are plenty of ways to express yourself and let others know you’re ‘Proud to be an American.’ Then again, what about that clothing? Is it offensive to wear American flag apparel…?

It depends on who you’re asking, really…While those who wear it and purchase it might wear it with a sense of pride, others take offense to the way the flag is handled. According to USflag.org, a website dedicated to educating and informing the public about American flag, there is a flag code — in other words, specific instructions as to how the flag should and shouldn’t be treated.

Among these instructions is a strict notice that the flag should not be part of a ‘costume or athletic uniform’ and should not be used as an ‘advertising purpose’ or sewn to anything with the intention of discarding it later. Therefore, an American flag printed dress purchased at Forever 21 or American Apparel would be, according to some, breaking flag code…

Wearing apparel printed with the American flag can be seen as offensive who take the flag very seriously, as it turns out. But this written flag code, which is not enforced by the government, does not stop stores such as Target or Old Navy from selling items with the American flag on them.

…People are simply expressing their patriotism and love of the country by wearing an article that happens to be red, white, and blue with stars and stripes. There is nothing illegal about wearing or the use of these items.

Wearing American flag printed clothing is definitely not illegal or breaking any rules, but depending on who you might come across, it could still be seen as offensive. Therefore, it is important to consider who might be attending Fourth of July festivities with you and dress accordingly…

This coming Fourth of July, the most important of figuring out whether to don the flag on your clothing is to gauge what your intentions are. The flag represents an important part of our country and history and should be treated respectfully — but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun now and then.”

Full Article: https://www.romper.com/p/is-it-offensive-to-wear-american-flag-apparel-it-depends-who-you-ask-13192

Idiom of the Day

Raise a Red Flag

Meaning: A sign or signal indicating potential, incipient, or imminent danger or trouble.

Example: Well, it definitely raised a red flag when he got so angry at me over such a minor thing, but I never thought he could be so unreasonable to live with!