Khan Academy – A Great Online Resource for SAT and TOEFL Prep

At Hancock International College many of our international students are planning on going to go to university here in the United States or often have children going to grade school here as ESL students. Both of these demographics should really take advantage of using

What is it? sums up what they do by saying, “A world class education for anyone, anywhere. 100% free. Join Khan Academy to get personalized help with what you’re studying or to learn something completely new. We’ll save all of your progress.”

There are courses in math, science, engineering, arts, humanities, computing, economics, finance, and even test prep. So if you are an ESL student and a parent you may struggle to be able to help your child when they are learning in English at school. You may want to consult Khan Academy for help or to let your child listen to the explanation on the video there. Plus they will be given extra problems to practice until they master it. The math classes range from 1st year elementary to college level.

Maybe you are planning on going to university yourself. You can take advantage of their test prep courses such as SAT, LSAT, MCAT, GMAT and more. Unfortunately, they do not have a TOEFL course; however, when I taught TOEFL prep I would often use the videos on history, biology, philosophy for TOEFL like listenings. Although, they are videos, not recordings of a lecture, so they do move fast. Note you can turn the speed down under the settings of the videos. For other useful sites that would be even closer to what you might experience in college check out longer lectures like from Open Yale Courses ( or MIT Open CourseWare ( I would encourage you to do so as TOEFL listenings are actually very short. It can be tiring to listen to a 1 to 4 hour lecture. Personally, I believe ESL students would benefit a lot if the first time they listen to a lecture in English for this long is before they are in their degree program.

So check out the URL below and see what interests you. Even if you are not planning on going to college, there are plenty of interesting topics that you are bound to find something interesting. Happy studying!

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