Fairly Fun

For 126 years the Orange County Fair has been a growing sensation in Southern California. As summer is coming to an end the OC Fair is one sure place for our ESL Students to make memories and get around some amazing examples of American culture. Since Hancock International College is only a short drive away from the fairgrounds I thought it would be a great idea to look at the history of the fair and encourage our International Students to make time to go!

The Orange County Fair was created in 1890, only one year after Orange County itself! It started out basically as a horse race and livestock exhibit and has grown into a cultural phenomenon unlike any other. From fried foods you didn’t even know could be fried, to new gadgets, shopping, shows, art, rides and more, the OC Fair is impossible to completely experience in only one day. When it began it was only 5 days long but over the years has extended to 23 days of festivities!

Locations for the OC Fair have changed from Santa Ana, to Huntington Beach, then back to Santa Ana, then Anaheim, and finally found its permanent home in Costa Mesa. The fair grounds were even in danger of being sold in a dispute that lasted from 2009 to 2011. Lucky for us the greedy meanies lost the case and the Orange County Fair looks like it’s here to stay!

Make sure to check out the Orange County Fair Website below and read about how you can get in FREE on Wednesday August 3rd by donating clothes instead of paying admission!  Make sure to hurry because the last day to go is August 14th!

Main Site:  http://www.ocfair.com/2016/index.asp

Discounts:  http://www.ocfair.com/2016/discounts/promotions.asp

Idiom of the Day

Fair Game

Meaning: If something or someone is fair game, then it is acceptable to target, criticize or attack them.

Example: I’m still hungry, so after everyone eats then the leftovers are fair game!