The Colon

Many ESL students here at Hancock International College don’t make the full use of punctuation symbols like the colon, which is the two free standing dots that looks like this “:”. There are many uses for the colon that ESL students can take advantage of., a great website for grammar explanations, breaks down how to use the colon in their post titled “Using Colons”. says,

“Colons are used:

To extend a sentence to expand on something previously mentioned in the sentence (e.g., I’m looking for just one personal trait: discipline.

After an introduction (e.g., I’ve seen the following: ants, a cockroach, and a rat.

In references, times, and titles (e.g., Read Genesis 1:1 before 07:30.

With quotations (e.g., He said: ‘Curiosity killed the cat, but for a while I was a suspect.’”

Check out the following URL to see explanations on the above examples of using colons!

Full Article:

Idiom of the Day

Ballpark figure

Meaning: a general estimate.

Example: John says, “I am not quite sure how expensive the car is.”

Ethan replies, “Can you give me a ballpark figure?”

John says, “Oh, maybe about $30,000?”