Asian Games 2018

Hancock International College has ESL students from all around the globe and many of them are from Asia! Today I heard they’re excited about the 2018 Asian Games. We just heard about it for the first time so we wanted to learn all we can. says, “Asian Games is approaching, and the Indonesian government is already doing their best to support all the infrastructure and the accommodation needed for this event. While it still months to come, it’s better to prepare yourself with the knowledge and idea around this event. Asian games is undoubted, the biggest sporting event in Asia. Under the administration of Olympic Council of Asia, this event is held every 4 years all over Asia as well as incorporating the diverse Asian culture and aspect. Firstly started in 1951 in New Delhi, India, this event now going to be held in two different cities in Indonesia; Jakarta and Palembang. With 45 competing countries, this affair is going to be one of the biggest sporting events Indonesia ever host.

Although this event has been going around for decades, this is the first time Asian Game is going to be held in two different cities. Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, is already very popular in the eyes of the local and international people. Here lies the heart of the business, economy, and politics of Indonesia, allowing expats to travel here daily and booming the economy even more. So what about Palembang? Palembang is the capital city of the South Sumatra Province; additionally, this city is divided into two because the longest river in Sumatra stream flows through this industrial city. As the second biggest city in Sumatra, this town offers stunning architecture style that is the mixture of early Buddhist Empire, with Dutch colonialism and modernism. This time Palembang play a role as the supporting city for this event, holding several sports while Jakarta holds the main event. Additionally, Jakarta surrounding regions, including Banten and West Java, will also back up this Games.

As a Megacity, Jakarta has the appropriate infrastructure and service for hosting an international event; however, several improvements are essential. For instance, Jakarta’s Government has built another athletes village in the northern Jakarta to fulfil the serviced required to accommodate the competing athletes. While most of the tournament will be held at the massive Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, minor competition and training may be held outside the city and other smaller stadium. Likewise, Palembang also constructs a sports city complex to support this occasion. Lastly, Jakarta speed up its MRT and LRT construction and Palembang build a 25 km long railway system; both of this improvement is made to accommodate the increasing need for transportation. In general, the Indonesian government had done their absolute best to support this event.

The Event will be started in Gelora Bung Karno on 18th of August 2018. The international k-pop star girls generation is invited to perform in this event and Indonesia’s very own President Jokowi Dodo will give a speech on this day. The competition itself will be held from the 8th of August to the 2nd of December, the contest will be spread in two cities and two different islands; hence, make sure you have the right time and avenue if you’re intending to watch your country compete in this glorious event.

In conclusion, Asian game has become a tradition that Asian can’t be missed. While this game is still months away, the airline and accommodation pricing will spike as this event gets closer. Make sure you have your ticket and suitcase ready!”

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