Hurricane Harvey

Our ESL students must be grateful to be experiencing America here in California for many reasons. One of those reasons being that Hancock International College is far from the current storm near Texas. As natural phenomena like this occur around the world we all pay attention and so I thought I’d share how one news station is covering “Hurricane Harvey.” says, “As Hurricane Harvey gains strength, residents along the Texas coast aren’t taking any chances; they’re filling sandbags, stocking up on water and boarding up windows.

In Corpus Christi, where Harvey could make landfall and Mayor Joe McComb has issued a voluntary evacuation order, Walmart shelves were clearing quickly, as the city canceled Friday’s dockets in city court and provided self-serve sandbags to residents.

Port Aransas on Mustang Island and nearby Portland issued mandatory evacuation orders. Houston, meanwhile, has canceled the first day of school on Monday.

Harvey is rapidly strengthening and is forecast to become a Category 3 hurricane with winds of at least 111 mph by the time it hits the middle Texas coast late Friday or early Saturday, the hurricane center said Thursday. After hitting Corpus Christi, the storm is expected to stall over the state, forecasters say.

…The National Hurricane Center has warned Harvey will slow down when it reaches the coast and there will be days of heavy rain and flooding across portions of Texas. Louisiana and Mexico will also be affected by the storm.”

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Idiom of the Day

Eye of the Hurricane

Meaning: A temporary peaceful time amidst more trouble and strife yet to come.

Example: Don’t relax. This is the eye of the storm. The lunch hour rush is over, but the dinner rush will start soon.