Root Beer Float: a Classic Dessert

If you are in the mood for a shake or ice cream, here is a simple treat you can try. Root beer floats are a classic American treat. And yes, “root beer” is distinctly North American; however, many ESL students here at Hancock International College are not familiar with the taste of root beer and do not have the taste for it. I have heard it described as tasting like “cough syrup” to international students, so you may want to try a taste of root beer before putting your ice cream in. If you do not care for it substitute a coke (coke floats are also popular, but root beer floats are the classic way to go). I have even heard of people using a lemon lime soda like 7 Up or Sprite. In any case, check out Rebecca Hubbell’s article and recipe from Also keep in mind there is no alcohol in a typical root beer (although some “adult” root beers are made).

Hubbell says, “Drink, dessert, or snack — however you classify it, nothing beats an A&W® Root Beer Float! A nostalgic throwback to simpler times and soda shoppe days, these icy beverages are a classic summertime staple that’s loved by people of all ages. Although they’re wonderfully easy to make, it takes more than a glass full of soda and a plop of vanilla ice cream to make the perfect Root Beer Float! For a flawless drink-meets-dessert, there’s a couple tips and tricks that you should keep in mind! For starters, there are only two main ingredients, so make sure they’re good ones! Start with a quality, flavorful root beer like A&W® Root Beer, and choose a premium ice cream that’s smooth and creamy.

A&W® Root Beer Floats should be served in a tall glass, like a float glass or even a beer stein. To make them extra frosty, chill the glasses ahead of time – 10 to 20 minutes in the freezer should do the trick! When it’s time to assemble this tasty treat, carefully drop in two scoops of vanilla ice cream and watch it froth! Add another scoop or two (or three!) if you prefer to enjoy your Root Beer Float with a spoon as well as a straw! Next, make sure to pour the root beer in slowly and at an angle. This will help reduce fizz, plus there’s less risk of overflow.

For an extra bit of indulgence, garnish your glass with a swirl of whipped cream and a maraschino cherry.”

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