Hurricane Harvey Update

Hancock International College sends love and hope to all those affected by Hurricane Harvey. In case our ESL students want a small update and want to know how to help there is information below of what’s been going on and how to donate to the relief effort. says, “Across Harvey’s devastating path, countless people woke up Monday on cots in shelters, in the bellies of National Guard vehicles, in hotels, on friends’ couches, or trapped in their own homes — tired, hungry, and bracing for more.

Rescues of people stranded by floodwaters continued on Monday throughout southeastern Texas, and Gov. Greg Abbott said the state was sending hundreds more boats and high-clearance vehicles to the region to aid those efforts.

Governor Abbott on Monday activated the entire Texas National Guard, except those already deployed or preparing to deploy on other missions, to aid in storm rescue and recovery. He said the order will increase the number of troops involved from about 3,000 to 12,000…

Houston’s 911 system has received 75,000 calls since the storm began, but the backlog that left many callers frustrated has been largely resolved, city officials said on Monday morning.

Over the weekend, when some residents complained that their 911 calls were not being answered, the system often had more than 100 calls at a time in the queue, Joe Laud, administration manager at the Houston Emergency Center, said at a news conference. By Monday morning, he said, that backlog was down to 10 to 15 calls.

Chief Art Acevedo said at the same news conference that the Police Department had rescued 2,000 people since the storm began — a figure that did not include rescues made by firefighters and volunteers.”

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Idiom of the Day

Disaster Area

Meaning: A location where a natural disaster, such as an earthquake, flood, or storm, occurred. An area designated as such is often the recipient of government aid.

Example: In the aftermath of the storm, the president declared the whole state a disaster area and allotted federal funding for the rescue and cleanup efforts.