Thank You

I’ve always heard it’s important to have an attitude of gratitude. Being grateful for what we do have instead of negative about what we do not have. I believe this is the kind of attitude that makes Hancock International College such a great environment. Our international students are grateful for the opportunity to study English with us and move closer to their life goals, and we are grateful for the opportunity to be a big part of our ESL student’s foundation for their future. I started thinking about this when I found out today, September 15th, is National Thank You Day. Since I’d never heard of it before I wanted to find out more about what National Thank You Day means. Here’s what I found on

“We should all remember to be grateful for all the little things in life every day.  In case we are busy and forget, September 15th is the designated day of the year when we remember and thank everyone who has made a difference in any way – big or small.

We should also remember to appreciate people who love us and do things to support us and make our lives more comfortable and easier to live.  Even though people may get paid to do things for us, it is still a good idea to thank them for their services and help.

It is quite common for people to get caught up in their busy lives and to forget to be grateful for things like our health, our friends and family, co-workers, neighbors, acquaintances etc.

So go out there and use this day to say Thank You to all the people who have impacted your life in any way.”

I think this day should be celebrated every day! So thank you Hancock International College for all that you do to make lives better!

Idiom of the Day

Thanks a million

Meaning: Saying, “thank you” with extreme emphasis, hank you a lot, or thank you very much.

Example: Bill: Oh, thanks a million. You were very helpful. Bob: Just glad I could help