HIC offers a range of supervisory and consultative services for ESL students, including financial assistance, academic counseling, language learning assistance, housing and recreational referrals. The HIC Staff is available to assist all students during regular business hours.


HIC ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP: Hancock International College offers Academic Scholarships to students who are eligible. For more information contact the Administration office at (949)679-2000
STUDENT FINANCIAL HARDSHIP: HIC offers financial assistance for current students who suffer from unforeseen circumstances that result a sudden decrease in financial resources . For more information contact the Administration office at (949)679-2000


Academic counseling is considered a fundamental educational tool of Hancock International College. Through counseling, students are able to improve their educational experience. Academic advice and counseling by the Director of Academics as well as the Director of Admissions and Student Services will be available on the school premises to all students.


HIC has partnered with homestay companies to offer you different options depending on your needs and type of experience you are looking for. All of which ensure a clean, safe, and fully furnished living environment. Immerse yourself in American culture within a family environment. No matter which one you choose, you’ll be sure to enjoy an authentic American living experience!

California English Homestay

Studentlink International

WISE Worldwide International Student Exchange


Health insurance protects you by decreasing the cost of medical charges you may incur while away from home. Insurance companies provide coverage of medical costs such as doctor appointments, prescription costs, accident costs, etc. You may have medical charges that you are unable to pay as you are studying away from home and family. Insurance companies will cover the cost of different levels of accidents, injuries that you have depending on the plan that you choose. There are many places that offer health insurance for international students. Hancock International College can refer students to the following options;

Health Insurance Agencies

Insubuy, Inc.

ISO Insurance